JIHAD (n.) Effort, struggle, or striving to (1) be a better person, or (2) defend the community. "The best jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant."

Sahaba learned deen through companionship and Service (Suhabat o Khidmat) Temporary Migration and Travel for seeking Knowledge and struggling for deen. Jihad internally and externally for ones self and others for deen (Ilm and deen ke liye Safar o Hijrat. However, one should note the desire to be a martyer (Shaheed) and partake in Juhad fiddeen is of the highest caliber!

ANTI-FRANCISM (or anti-Hommism), like covidism, appears more and more like a religion. A RELIGION OF DEATH.

Those who commune here in hatred against the French, their fellow citizens, and revere the new clergy of this anti-Francist religion see no kinship with the "nice-la-Francisme" of the scum down below, and they would be outraged if We compare their thought to that of these brainless “allogens” who came specially to our country to declare themselves permanent victims of us.

• How could anyone dare to attack THEIR INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY by such a base comparison?

Nor do they see themselves as having anything in common with the scum from above who are methodically destroying our country and our fellow citizens while they themselves are only doing good by streaming a thought of SUICIDE PROGRAMMING through which the Humanity doesn't even need eugenics from above to be DIVISION mined and decimated.

If we draw their attention to the fact that by their repeated thoughts and words of radical contempt for their fellow human beings, they objectively feed the egregore of globalist psychopaths equipped with their media loudspeakers, a deadly egregore whose shadow darkens the atmosphere of our planet, when they would have the power to dissipate it, they are indignant, even enraged…

• How could one dare to call into question THE SUPERIORITY OF THEIR DISSIDENCE by such a perfidious comparison?

However, the globalist psychopaths also affirm with the same force: “the death that we advocate, IT IS FOR YOUR GOOD”.

The members of the community of anti-Francism – or anti-Hommism – by getting closer, will come across unpleasant surprises. Inevitably.

NICOLAS BONNAL: Notes on the intellectual superiority of the Jews through the centuries…


“The theme of THE INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY OF JEWS ANGERS IN FRANCE, because it perfectly contravenes the past anti-Semitism and the prevailing egalitarianism, the fad that everyone is the same, from the depths of Uganda to the Palace of Versailles. »

"I was re-reading while thinking of this chronicle one of the most controversial books by Sombart, and which does not deserve to be so (no more than that, moreover excellent, by JACQUES ATTALI on this immense question), that on the ROLE JEWS IN THE INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE WEST. Well, they took a huge part in it, and even before the industrial revolution, by constituting a third of the entrepreneurs and owners of plantations, for example in South America and the Caribbean islands. Sombart also recalls their inventive genius and the role they have always played with monarchs and enlightened “despots” or even generals (he quotes the Marshal of Saxe) whom they equipped for armies. »

“This evidence is badly accepted in France because we are in the country where everything must be silenced. But I insist and I will recall here Churchill's exceptional text, published in February 1921, on the role of the Jews, which he considered harmful (an important part of humanity did not agree with him, and for a long time!), in the development of communism. A passionate Judeophile, Churchill rather dreamed, twenty years in advance, of a conversion to Zionism among the Jewish elites and the people. It was widely followed, and we can only congratulate ourselves, the Europeans and the Chinese first, on the disappearance of communism. Churchill had understood what influence the "most remarkable race" that the earth had borne could have on a crucial question!

I quote again a small classic with an amusing title on the question, The Conquering Jew, written by an Englishman (judeophiles are always abounded in England) named John Foster Fraser, at the beginning of the last century. Foster remarks like Sombart that MISERY Abounds WHEN THE JEWS ARE NOT THERE; that they organize a country's wealth and markets, its social sciences, its cultural life, when they get there. And that therefore their abundant number can only make people happy, while anti-Semitism has always claimed the opposite against the evidence of the facts.

This is why I come back to France. Currently the Jews are leaving. We know that 92% of French voters living in Israel voted for Nicolas Sarkozy in the last elections. The lamentable turn taken by French policy over the past six months will only accelerate these departures, which also concern an ever-increasing proportion of French people. Only the donkeys will remain, as they said back home in Tunis at the time. And that was before the Muslim Brotherhood…”

JIHAD (n.) Effort, struggle, or striving to (1) be a better person, or (2) defend the community. "The best jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant."